” Who is like The Lord? Nobody! Who is like Beyonce? Everybody.”

” Who is like The Lord? Nobody! Who is like Beyonce? Everybody.”

“Who is like the Lord, Nobody. Who is like Beyonce, Everybody.”

04/02/13: I’d planned a SuperBowl Night In. With rumours of a Destiny’s Child performance I wasn’t gonna miss it for the world. Yet, I DID! I MISSED SUPERBOWL therefore I missed the half-time show; therefore I missed Beyonce perform; therefore I missed Destiny’s Child?

Considering I AM A FAN like A FAN-fan. DC4LYF would probably be my email address in an ideal world, that kinda fan… Yet, I missed it?

I was fully aware it was on, my dedicated tweeps made sure of that. But I couldn’t bring myself to turn the T.V I was simply having the time of my life on my bed…praying?

My initial plan was to pray for 30 mins, and finish just in time for the national anthem maybe even order some pizza and Super Bowl it into the early hours of the morning… Instead something greater happened I wouldn’t change the time spent with God for any meeting/phonecall or date. It simply does not compare

As I was just lying there doing my thang, I happened to scan my T/L (bad idea if you’re trying to kick it with God) and Lo and Behold they had gone Beyonce Crazy yet again.. *sigh*
I follow some DIE-HARD Fans. I would love to jump on that band-wagon but my mind simply won’t allow me. To certain people Beyonce is the optimum human being. You simply cannot get any better than Beyonce.
To me, Beyonce is JUST that, a human being.
Like Me.
Like you.
Like Everybody.

However, it would be obscene for me to deny that the Lady can PUT ON A SHOW!!! I’ve had the privilege to see DC in concert.. I cried (Being 10 and star-struck) I’ve also had the privilege of seeing Queen B in concert.. A-MA-ZING, she is an all round performer.She is Beyonce. One of, if not THE best performer to mount the stage in our time. No Doubt!

But she is also Beyonce, the mortal. I’m not suprised she is so secretive I’m sure if we knew it ALL the reality would dawn on us that hold on a minute, she probably get’s cheated on, she can’t always have children, she sometimes loses her voice?The all-perfect suddenly is not so perfect?

If you’d heard me talk about Beyonce prior to writing this you’d think I had a personal vendetta against the woman. It’s not that I didn’t “like” her or her music. I just wasn’t comfortable with the blaitant Idol worship. Let’s put it into perspective as talented as she is, she was given a gift by God (like everybody) and she dedicates time and effort into perfecting this gift (NOT like everybody).
Bottom Line, a sperm fertilised an egg which then went on to plant into the uterus after a period of 9 months came forth a baby, Beyonce. Her father and mother nurtured her, recognised the gift God installed in her and utilised it best as they knew how. What happend (spiritually) between then and now, Only God knows. I don’t believe for one second, as Sovereign as God is he would allow a human being to dominate the minds and lives of people with such poise and influence to a degree she has and not be completely in control.
I’m not going to go into an illuminati/soul-selling/devil-worshipping rant as it will not make my Faith any stronger and it goes against the principle of Love (which is the ultimate deal-breaker for anyyyyyone who confess they believe in Jesus, it’s what he stood for, breathed for, died for SO I must do the same). Rather if you are unsure what status [in terms of #teamGOD or not] your favourite celebrity or politician or even your neighbour lies (not that it should be your ultimate concern); but if you genuinely have a heart for someone then pray for them. Pray that they confess Jesus. I KNOW if the whole of #teambeyonce wanted to claim her soul for the Kingdom [of God] and cared enough for her and each prayed even just 5 minutes for her…
There would be a R-E-V-I-V-A-L ya’ll! Don’t you think?
Just a suggestion.

Okay so I got your attention and made you think it’s about Beyonce. I’ll let you know now my limited strength and ability to worship will NEVER be about another human being. It takes a lot to be a fan of these Celebs, it takes a lot more to be a fan of God. That’s what this [post] is about.

I missed the half-time show because I was praying. I love praying. Not a scripted written out religious piece but when I literally tell God what is on my heart and mind. And last night was a life or death issue I was holding onto my last hope. Only a certain courage you attain through an earnest prayer will pull you through into seeing Sunrise. And boy did the sun rise! I didn’t even pray ABOUT my issues, but the fact that I took time out and made it a priority that “Seek Ye First” I’m forever banging on about.
Now IF I had stayed up to watch SuperBowl, in the state/mood I was in, knowing myself … I would’ve gone to bed feeling like a failure because as much as Beyonce can brighten the room in a 15minute interval, she cannot change my life the way God can. She is doing what she was created to do, whilst I watch and support her and everyone else I still need to put in hours aside just as much (if not more) as Beyonce if I am to reach the potential I believe I can.

Who is like the Lord? Nobody.Nobody NO-BODY N-O-B-O-D-Y!

I don’t know what african accent I can use to emphasise this point or how many exclamation marks to drill FACT into our hearts.

Maybe I can put it this way;
if you’re looking for a mind-blowing experience that will leave you awestruck, beyond the lights and sound system and editing. A life-time spectacular that lasts beyond a 28-day world tour. With no repeat sets, everything is brand new. The stage is completely different everywhere you go, but each performance gets better everyday. The production team never get tired. The artist doesn’t break a sweat but exceeds your expectations everytime they grab the mic.Each note and Each dance move is in sync with a full orchestra co-ordinated to the rhythm of the love.

Where on planet earth and beyond will you ever find that?
There will be born unto us new artists, who will peak to the heights of Michael Jackson even beyond. But no musician, dancer, actor, drummer, violinist, director, designer, footballer that has been and will be can replace the position of God.
He is perfection.
So can we just stop a minute and give true credit where it’s due.
Sorry forgive me, it’s not even giving credit rather can we perform our primary purpose we were created for. Would it kill to quit complaining, and worrying or wanting more money or fulfilling your sexual desires and JUST STOP, for a moment:

 and acknowledge the fact that you breathe, because of God
acknowledge the fact that you have intelligence, because of God
acknowledge the fact that you can make decisions, because of God
acknowledge the fact that you have a roof over your head, because of God
acknowledge the fact that you have beauty, because of God
acknowledge the fact that you have talent, because of God
acknowledge the fact that you have a purpose, a destiny to fulfill, because of God
acknowledge the fact that you were born into sin yet you have eternal life, because of God
acknowledge the fact that if it wasn’t for God you simply would not exist.

Because no human being has the ability to give life. We can birth yes but if we had the ultimate life-deciding power we could eradicate still-borns, prevent miscarriages and a whole lot of other stuff. Humanity needs to humble [ourselves] and recognise how very feeble we are and how mighty he is. Not to feel inferior, for we don’t NEED to feel inferior it is a fact that we are just not as great as we’ve imagined ourself into believing. We haven’t solved the problem of poverty, We are in debt to each other, We haven’t cured AIDS, We haven’t opened blind eyes. So how about we all just take a break and acknowledge the one who can do you like NO-ONE else can. I’ve made a decision, come to realise rather, that my mother or siblings or husband (to-be) or friends will never be able to fill my God-Void. Eventually (being man) they are bound to not meet my demands/expectations. Therefore it would make no sense to give them the time and dedication as if they could do me like God can, yet expect God to come through for me having lived a life of disregard towards me? What kind of foolish thinking of us!

Let [Prophet] Isaiah break it down:
Isaiah 40 vs 25-29

“To whom then will you liken Me, that I should be equal to him?” says the Holy One.

– Basically God is asking Who is Like the Lord!? Of Course he [being God] knows who he is. Yet, to emphasise that there actually is no-one like him he asks Isaiah, okay then the people of the land are worshipping Idols. You can’t compare me [God] to such because idols are man-made. Isaiah unable to answer God is silenced. God carries on…

“Lift up your eyes on high and see! Who has created these? He Who brings out their host by number and calls them all by name; through the greatness of His might and because He is strong in power, not one is missing or lacks anything.”

– Need I say anymore?

” Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not faint or grow weary; there is no searching of His understanding. “

– Really ya’ll WHO is like God?

” He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might He increases strength [causing it to multiply and making it to abound]. ”

– Amen.


This was my favourite piece to have written because I am convinced it is truth. Let everything else on this blog be subject to opinion but you cannot deny that there is no God, like Jehovah God. I am settled in writing this that even the harshest of critic or the biggest evolutionist will not sway my Faith. Knowing this, that there is no one in comparison I can therefore invest time and effort into a worthy cause, Worship. Not necessarily in the form of down-on-my-knees weeping with slow music in the background…
Rather when I see the beauty of life in its entity I just simply Thank God.
When I see Beyonce giving it her all on that Mrs Carter stage [god-willing] I thank God for her life, her talent and her ability to draw billions of people.

Because at the end of the day we all are like (have the potential to be) Beyonce, regardless of whether we see it or utilise it. But not one person or thing can be compared to [MY] God.

(n.b if you happen to embark on a (foolish) quest in an attempt to find an alternative God, and happen to be successful leave me a comment below. Success being measured by this alternative’s ability to create, heal, redeem, save, defend, provide, encourage, give life, take away life, bless, protect… and so forth.)

Remember when you get mesmerised and are about to cross the line between celebrating and worshipping a human;

Everybody is like Beyonce.

Nobody is like God.


2 thoughts on “” Who is like The Lord? Nobody! Who is like Beyonce? Everybody.”

  1. Hi Faith.. This is one of the best lists I’ve read ever. I don’t read lots of Christian blog though…I actually don’t know loads but this was captivating though lengthy.

    Just reading you say you kissed watching Bey cos you were praying. I mean I can miss watching Bey but it would most likely that I was sleeping or being somewhere else sha.
    I would love to learn to enjoy spending time, as in not just saying my rosary time but like spending time talking to God..for me and then to teach my kids and hubby too one day.

    The only time I enjoy is when I’m at this devotion thing in church and that’s because obviously there is nothing else to do there and touching my phone would be too rude (bless the lady that took me to that devotion, haven’t even been again since then).

    I think you should do a post on Prayer 101 or Spending Time with Jesus for dummies or something.

    Lastly I would like to re-blog this on my blog sometime soon. Hope that would be okay? All credits would be give obviouksy.

    Lol, my comment is so huge.

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