For Your Eyes Only!

For Your Eyes Only!

Some things in life, are for your eyes only

Some tears are only for you to cry

Hours of hard work that are for you to put in, 

Laughter that only you can express,

Joy that can overwhelm, only you!

No one else can cry for you, work hard for you or be happy for you…

You have to do it for YOURSELF!

Looking at what other people do/don’t do will leaving you feeling inferior and insignificant

Looking at the cross will leave you feeling empowered and enabled, to do great and might exploits.

Who is man that you should give him power to decide the mood you wear?

Like a fragrance, you have to decide the infusion in your sphere of influence,

all the while remembering you will be the most important factor regardless of the outcome.

Because some-things are for your eyes only.


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